Dye Lab collection expanded with 13 new colourways

The unique, new saturated hues revitalize the top-selling carpet collection of Shaw Contract that draws on traditional manufacturing practices.

Over the course of the last century, traditional textile dyeing techniques – where fabric is woven, twisted, bundled, dipped and dyed – have become a rarity. As mass-produced textiles dominate the marketplace, the craft of artisanal dyeing has evolved into an increasingly exclusive industry niche. Reinterpreting ancient wash and dye techniques, the newly expanded Dye Lab carpet collection complements the scale and efficiency of contemporary manufacturing with the character of traditional fabrication.

Anchoring any workplace with a textured and defiantly bespoke presence, Shaw Contract’s revamped Dye Lab flooring offers an artful selection of floorscapes in 13 new hues. Inspired by tones found in nature, the collection contains hundreds of mutable variations, and a wide range of luxe hue and texture. No two carpet tiles are ever the same, making each installation a unique work.

With hues ranging from light to medium to dark, and subtle to rich, there’s character in every tile. When combined, the variations in individual carpet tiles produce a pleasant – and subtly eye-catching – ambiance, though one that never sacrifices a sense of aesthetic unity. Dye Lab’s strong natural inspirations also lend every installation an organic presence, fostering a soothing mood that draws the eye while complementing its surroundings.

The expanded Dye Lab colour palette comes as the result of exploration of more than 20 dyes including madder root, Osage orange, sandalwood and henna. After conducting hundreds of dye experiments to establish the colour palette and understand tonal variation, Shaw Contract developed an innovative approach to dyeing reflected in Dye Lab’s bespoke aesthetic.

Dye Lab’s PVC-free material chemistry, biophilic design, and acoustic properties, also look to enhance the workplace experience – all while mitigating ecological impacts. Although the innovative manufacturing process takes inspiration from centuries-old practices, the collection is designed with the future in mind. Dye Lab is constructed with EcoWorx backing and Eco Solution Q nylon, and is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver.